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Huawei Technologies(Kenya) Co. Ltd

In partnership with Huawei Technologies, the ICT Authority seeks to promote ICT literacy and capacity; ICT infrastructure development; access to devices and the internet; and promote ICT research, innovation and enterprise development.

Areas of Collaboration

  • Internship mentorship, and training programmes for engineering students’
  • Exposure to academia, the government and the general public to general or particular technology
  • Provision of technical infrastructure to academic institutions to prepare students for the job market
  • General ICT awareness and thought leadership in ICT events
  • Huawei Broader way ICT Industry forum Projects: Huawei Telecom Seeds for the Future

Oracle Technology Systems Ltd

The ICT Authority partners with Oracle in the promotion of ICT literacy and IT practitioner skills; and innovation and enterprise development.

Areas of Collaboration

  • Internship, training, and mentoring opportunities
  • Engagement of staff in ICT Industry forums as appropriate
  • Best practice sharing on e-Government process improvement
  • General ICT awareness and Corporate Leadership activities that benefit the community
  • Innovation programs
  • IT skills development programs and initiatives Projects: Oracle e-Government Capacity Building Programme

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