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The ICT Authority is instrumental in creating partnerships in the ICT sector that are primarily geared towards faster and more efficient service delivery for the Kenyan citizens. The acceleration of partnerships with various stakeholders in the private sector, civil society and academia has proven to be crucial in growing the ICT sector and the economy as a whole. Our partners have also found value in being part of the digital transformation in the country.

Our partners work with us to build ICT skills in graduates and existing workforce, ICT infrastructure development, promoting Kenya’s innovation and investment climate, and building strong ICT businesses. We also assist other government bodies at the national level and county governments in connecting with value-adding partners for efficiency and transparency in their service delivery.

The ICT Authority is keen to partner with organisations that would like to be part of the digital transformation in Kenya. To partner with the Authority email: The Partnership Officer, ICT Authority on


The ICT Authority works with CodePamoja, an ICT training programme that has been set up in Kenya by Competa IT in the Netherlands and BTI Millman and DewCIS in Kenya. This partnership is aimed at promoting ICT literacy, capacity, and innovation and enterprise development.

Areas of Collaboration

  • Software skills development through short term training programs.
  • Examination and certification of conventional ICT skills.
  • Training members of public and private sector on latest project management technologies.
  • Virtual exchange programme between Kenya and the Netherlands.
  • Implementation of select ICT flagship projects as detailed in the Kenya ICT Masterplan.

Government of Belgium

In partnership with the Government of Belgium, the ICT Authority is working to modernise Government’s communication technology, and increase efficiency in the provision of key government services.

Areas of Collaboration

  • Create access to the National Optical Fibre Backbone Infrastructure (NOFBI) through installation of communication equipments and applications in 17 Counties and in 18 National Government Ministry Headquarters in Nairobi.

Government of India's Ministry of Telecommunications and IT

The collaboration with India’s Ministry of Telecommunications and IT through the Department of Telecommunications together with ICT sector Industry bodies in India, is aimed at promoting ICT literacy in public service delivery and enterprise development.

Areas of Collaboration

  • Public sector training for IT skills development for efficient public service delivery
  • Promotion of ICT investment, partnerships and market access through:
    • Exchange of knowledge and best practices
    • India-Africa Partnership Summit & Expo on Telecommunications and IT
    • Marketing opportunities for members of the industry bodies in each India-Africa Partnership Summit & Expo on Telecommunications and IT
    • Building industry capacity through each country’s markets and industry bodies membership Projects: Indo-Africa ICT Expo & Forum
    • Fostering partnerships and investments in each country’s industry bodies’ membership

Huawei Technologies(Kenya) Co. Ltd

In partnership with Huawei Technologies, the ICT Authority seeks to promote ICT literacy and capacity; ICT infrastructure development; access to devices and the internet; and promote ICT research, innovation and enterprise development.

Areas of Collaboration

  • Internship mentorship, and training programmes for engineering students’
  • Exposure to academia, the government and the general public to general or particular technology
  • Provision of technical infrastructure to academic institutions to prepare students for the job market
  • General ICT awareness and thought leadership in ICT events
  • Huawei Broader way ICT Industry forum Projects: Huawei Telecom Seeds for the Future

International Trade Centre (ITC) and Centre for the Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries (CBI)

The ICT Authority collaborates with the ITC and the CBI to enhance the export competiveness in Kenya’s Information Technology and Information Technology Enabled Services (IT/ITES) businesses. Through the Netherlands Trust Fund phase III (NTFIII) Programme, more jobs are created and maintained in the IT&ITES sector.

Areas of Collaboration

  • Developing export strategy for the IT&ITES Industry.
  • Enhancing the export capacity of SMEs in the IT&ITES sector through building their business and marketing capacity and developing export market plans
  • Strength the capacity of the major sector trade support institution in providing IT&ITES sector development support to enterprises
  • Foster business linkages and technical partnerships Projects: The Netherlands Trust Fund for Start-ups III

Kenya Information Technology and Outsourcing Services (KITOS)

The ICT Authority has partnered with KITOS to create a platform that enables robust and sustainable growth in the Kenyan Information Technology and IT Enabled Services (IT & ITeS) sector.

Areas of Collaboration

  • creation of a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Information Technology and IT Enabled Services (IT & ITeS) strategy, education and training programmes and relevant communication materials
  • creation of linkages with international ICT organisations to promote Kenyan ICT abroad

Microsoft East Africa

The ICT Authority collaborates with Microsoft in leveraging ICT to achieve efficient and transparent public service delivery, and giving Kenya competitive edge in its innovation and investment climate.

Areas of Collaboration

  • Scaling up ICT human capital and workforce development through internship programmes, integration of ICT into education and training levels, enhancement of teaching with technology in schools in Kenya, and development of digital content in all education levels
  • Developing and implementing ICT standards in government including in shared infrastructure and services, cyber security, and public data access and protection
  • Technology innovation and adoption through use of technology as a driver for industry, commercialisation of innovations, and safeguarding innovations through support of intellectual property rights
  • Provision of reliable, secure, and affordable connectivity through affordable broadband and devices
  • Literacy and capacity building on the ICT policy to public service staff
  • Research through ICT related surveys Projects: Microsoft ICT Skills Training

National Association of Software and Services Companies in India (NASSCOM)

Together with NASSCOM, the ICT Authority organises benchmarking and investment tours for both Kenyan and Indian companies. The exchange forums have enabled India companies to invest in Kenya, and have given Kenyan companies a view of what is available in the India market. Kenyan delegates have also been able to attend the NASSCOM Leadership Forum, which has served as an excellent networking and thought-leadership platform while visiting various technology companies across India.

Projects:NASSCOM Tour Indo-Africa ICT Expo

National IT Industry Promotion Agency of the Republic of Korea (NIPA)

In partnership with NIPA, the ICT Authority seeks to promote ICT literacy and capacity; ICT infrastructure development; access to devices and the internet; and promote ICT research, innovation and enterprise development.

Areas of Collaboration

  • Exchange of information and experience to enhance communication in the field of ICT
  • Execution of the Kenya e-Government master plan
  • Design and implementation of electronic public services
  • Human resource development through training and educational programmes
  • Joint projects and research

Oracle Technology Systems Ltd

The ICT Authority partners with Oracle in the promotion of ICT literacy and IT practitioner skills; and innovation and enterprise development.

Areas of Collaboration

  • Internship, training, and mentoring opportunities
  • Engagement of staff in ICT Industry forums as appropriate
  • Best practice sharing on e-Government process improvement
  • General ICT awareness and Corporate Leadership activities that benefit the community
  • Innovation programs
  • IT skills development programs and initiatives Projects: Oracle e-Government Capacity Building Programme

Systems Applications Products (Africa Region) Proprietary Ltd. (SAP)

The ICT Authority works with SAP Africa to promote ICT literacy and capacity for ICT graduates. This partnership seeks to improve the employability of bright recent university graduates from under privileged back grounds. In this way the industry also acquires a growing pool for the right talent in certified professionals.

Areas of Collaboration

Telecommunications Consultants India Ltd. (TCIL)

TCIL is implementing a project to connect the 53 members of the Union (AU). Kenya is one of the African Union Member States participating in the Pan-African e-Network (PAeN) Project and the usage of the Tele Education and Tele Medicine services.

Projects: Pan-African e-Network (PAeN) Project

Telecom Equipment & Services Export Promotion Council (TEPC)

In collaboration with the ICT Authority, TEPC organises the Indo-Africa ICT Expo & Forum. The event brings together thought leaders across the entire ICT value chain from India and African to discuss solutions and growth of the sector. It also provides a platform to build synergy among India and African countries by showcasing innovative and diversified products and services in ICT.

The World Bank

Through support from The World Bank, the ICT Authority is implementing the Kenya Transparency Communication and Infrastructure Programme (KTCIP).

Areas of Collaboration

KTCIP is designed to:

  • boost ICT connectivity in the country
  • improve service delivery to citizens
  • increase type and quality of information from and to the citizens
  • increase the Governments’ ability to ensure transparency by December 2016

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