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ICTA Gala Dinner

Message from Eng. John Tanui, CBS Principal Secretary, State Department for ICT & the Digital Economy
The ICT Authority is one of the Strategic Government Agencies that is delivering ICT for the people of Kenya in line with the Bottom-Up  Economic Transformation Agenda pillar on the Digital & Creative Economy. The Authority’s 10th year anniversary comes at a time when Kenya is taking stock on the journey we have walked as a country, in the ICT space and impact created by the sector, which is an enabler.

The Government has invested heavily in robust digital infrastructure and technology leading to the creation of more efficient and effective systems for delivering services to citizens. The investment cut across all sectors of the economy which include Internet connectivity, healthcare, education, transportation and financial services among others.

The Government has provided equitable access to and use of information and communication technologies for participation in social and economic life including for education, social services, health, social and community participation targeting all citizens and ensuring NO ONE IS LEFT BEHIND.

Message from Hon. Sylvanus Maritim, Chairman, Board of Directors
Celebrating our 10 years of existence is indeed a momentous moment not only to us but to our country that is now plugged into the global digital economy.

All our efforts are aimed at us delivering ICT to the citizens of Kenya. For example, we aim to provide affordable and reliable broadband connectivity to all Kenyans by 2030, this will enable Kenya as a country to become a global leader.

Already,the sector is employing hundreds of thousands of youth and generating immense wealth by facilitated them to plug into the global digital economy through the provision of internet connectivity. the ICT Authority Board is committed to provide a to work with key stakeholders to ensure conducive environment for increased investment and growth in the ICT Sector.

I welcome you all in joining us during our ICTA@10 celebrations and support our efforts to deliver ICT for Kenyans.

Message from Stanley Kamanguya, OGW the Chief Executive Officer
Technology has significantly shaped Kenya and the ICT Authority has been a part of this great journey. As we mark our 10 years of existence,we take pride in our contribution to Kenya’s digital transformation journey. Kenya's economy is now enabled the development of new digital services and platforms that support the growth of businesses, reduce transaction costs, and create new job opportunities. This has promoted the uptake of the government services by the citizens due to reduced time of access

The internet has greatly driven economic growth by enabling businesses to expand their reach, create wealth, reduce transaction costs and access to new markets. The internet reach has also increased the adoption of e-commerce and online payment systems and businesses within the country can now sell their products and services globally, contributing to the country's economic growth. The farmers have adopted the use of technology in agriculture, horticulture, and aquaculture with the aim of improving yield, efficiency, and profitability.

Overall, Kenya has transitioned to 4.0 Industrial revolution and ICTA is the lead Agency that will drive the delivery of the Government of Kenya ICT priority programmes and projects.

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