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ICTA Launches “One Tree One Device”

ICT Authority (ICTA) has launched a ‘’One Tree One Device’’ initiative primed to improve environment as it integrates ICT in teaching and learning across the country.

Having distributed 1.2million digital learning devices to 24,000 public primary schools under the Digital Learning Programme (DLP), the government has demonstrated its commitment to improving the quality of education through the use of technology and purposes to sustain the momentum of conserving the environment, said Dr. Kipronoh Ronoh, Ag CEO ICT Authority (ICTA).

The “One Tree One Device” initiative in Bomet County had schools around Mau Complex participate in planting seedlings equivalent to the number of devices installed in their schools.

“The need for our children to understand digitization is much more acute now. It is gratifying that the activity is in line with the CBC programme currently being rolled out under Ministry of education thus preparing our children for this new world. As the trees grow to give them the shade, they will also soon leave school equipped with skills they need for a decent job at the very forefront of technological change,” said Dr. Ronoh.

Gracing the ceremony was the Chief Administrative Secretary, Ministry of ICT, Maureen Mbaka, who indicated that programme is a key pillar in the current CBC programme and the objective is to equip our learners with required competencies for the 21st digital economy.

She said the Government now wants to upscale utilization of the already distributed devices in schools, complete installation of devices in in the remaining schools, enable capacity building of teachers, development of variety of content, connect all schools with reliable internet, acquire devices for learners in upper primary and spur manufacturing through setup of manufacturing plants for electronic components.

“The launch of One Tree One Device programme is also to express our commitment in support of presidential directive of ‘Tree Planting’ to increase our forest cover. The planting of these tree seedlings in this Mau Forest Complex will benefit the county in a bigger way since this forest serve the livelihood of the enter region downstream, including our wildlife who depend on this forest for their survival,” said Professor Fredrick Owino, Chairman of the ICT Authority Board.

Agencies like TSC, KICD, KPLC, REREC, MOICT & IYA, MOE and ICT Authority have played a vital role in the implementation of this initiative. This includes overseeing of the accessibility of learning materials in the Kenya Education Cloud, the installation of electricity in over 24,000 Schools, training of over 300,000 teachers and installation of 10,000km of fibre cables across the country.

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