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Golf Experience Ignites the Spark for Kenya's Digital Future

As anticipation builds for the 12th edition of the Connected Summit, Kenya's premier event for ICT thought leadership, today's vibrant Waziri Golf Experience at the Diamonds Leisure Beach and Golf Resort in Diani sets the stage for the summit, which begins in earnest tomorrow.

Centered around the theme "Digital Economy: Endless Opportunities Shaping Our Future," the 2023 Connected Summit Edition is built on the power of public-private sector collaboration in driving Kenya's digital economy. It is the pot where ICT innovation, ingenuity, and growth are being cooked.

This year’s event is expected to host an impressive 1,500 delegates, who have already started to check-in. Participants in today’s Waziri Golf Experience are enjoying the immaculate greens, picturesque views, and the rich, vibrant culture at the Diamonds Leisure Beach and Golf Resort.

The Waziri Golf Experience, an engaging sports side event, unites ICT professionals, entrepreneurs, and policymakers, laying the foundation for a productive exchange of ideas and nurturing relationships that will extend throughout the Connected Summit, which starts tomorrow.

In a previous interview, Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary at the Ministry of Information, Communication and the Digital Economy, Eliud Owalo says: "Our collective responsibility is to guide the course of change, ensuring our country remains at the vanguard of this digital revolution. The Connected Summit's theme perfectly aligns with our nation's vision for supporting digital growth and development."

Owalo further adds, "Kenya's digital economy thrives through the synergy of public-private collaboration, creating a dynamic mosaic of innovation that serves as the driving force behind our nation's growth and development."

Eng. John Tanui, Principal Secretary of the State Department for Information Communications Technology (ICT) and Digital Economy, underscores the transformative impact of collaboration on Kenya's startup ecosystem. He observes, "Connected Summit 2023 is a shining beacon that emphasizes the transformative power of collaboration in fostering a dynamic startup ecosystem in Kenya. Public-private partnerships have played a vital role in establishing incubators, accelerators, and innovation hubs, offering crucial support to entrepreneurs and startups."

These collaborative efforts have enabled numerous Kenyan businesses to expand their operations, generate employment opportunities, and contribute significantly to the nation's economic growth. "By joining forces with private sector partners, we have successfully developed targeted training programs and initiatives that address the digital skills gap. As we continue to forge ahead, it is essential that we maintain this spirit of collaboration at the Connected Summit 2023," adds Tanui.

While hailing Connected Summit 2023 as a beacon for digital empowerment, Stanley Kamanguya, CEO, ICT Authority, states, "This annual event weaves together stakeholders from the ICT industry, government, academia, and beyond in a vibrant tapestry of collaboration, capacity-building, and knowledge exchange. As we navigate the ever-changing digital terrain, the Connected Summit 2023 stands as a steadfast beacon, guiding us towards a brighter, more prosperous future, fueled by the boundless possibilities of digital empowerment."

Kamanguya further emphasizes the importance of nurturing Kenya's digital ecosystem, remarking, "The Connected Summit has a proven track record of catalyzing transformative projects that profoundly enhance public service delivery and enrich the lives of our citizens. By bringing together an exceptional lineup of speakers, decision-makers, and leading ICT experts, we consistently address Kenya's most pressing challenges through collective knowledge, insights, and solutions—all seamlessly integrated within the overarching goal of shaping a brighter, more connected future for all."

Throughout the Connected Summit 2023, attendees will be presented with a comprehensive agenda that includes panel discussions, workshops, and interactive sessions centered on cutting-edge technological developments, emerging trends, and crucial challenges within Kenya's digital landscape. By participating in these events, delegates will have the chance to exchange ideas, gain insights from industry experts, establish new partnerships that will contribute to the expansion and advancement of Kenya's digital economy.

As the event unfolds, participants will be able to take advantage of numerous networking opportunities, such as roundtable discussions, specialized workshops, and social gatherings. These engaging activities will provide attendees with the means to build new relationships, form strategic alliances, and collaborate on inventive projects, propelling Kenya's digital transformation to new heights.

"The Connected Summit 2023 not only serves as a platform for dialogue and collaboration but also as an incubator for groundbreaking ideas and initiatives that have the potential to revolutionize Kenya's digital landscape," adds Kamanguya. "By fostering an environment that encourages innovation, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing, we are confident that the Connected Summit will continue to play a vital role in shaping Kenya's digital economy, ensuring our nation remains at the forefront of this global digital revolution."

As the 2023 Connected Summit and the Waziri Golf Experience synergistically intertwine, they drive innovation, collaboration, and digital empowerment, ultimately forging a path toward a brighter and more prosperous future for Kenya's digital economy.

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