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Empowering Women in Tech: Driving Kenya's Digital Economy Forward

Women have continued to show vast and positive impacts on the digital economy, accelerating its growth exponentially over the past decade, and transforming the way we work, communicate, and consume information globally.
As technology keeps getting better, women are becoming more important in shaping the digital economy. It is against this backdrop that the #Connected2023 Summit and Awards will host an exclusive Women In Tech session.

Running under the theme; Women shaping the Digital Economy, the forum invites all the women tech-experts and allies working in technology-driven sectors, to exchange ideas on the opportunities, access and empowerment for women in shaping the digital economy.
“Women’s active participation is crucial in order to shape a sustainable, just, and equitable digital economy,” said Lucy Marangu,  ICTA. Adding, “It is important to provide a safe and secure environment for women and girls that will involve fighting cyber violence, discrimination and stereotypes affecting women in cyberspace.”

The women in tech forum is a miniature project from the broader Annual Connected Summit hosted by the ICT Authority. The summit, an ICT thought leadership gathering, convenes regional and global ICT industry thought leaders, key policymakers, high-profile ICT industry champions and executives, financiers, and ICT innovators, for a series of high-level discussions geared towards nurturing innovative ideas, investments, and partnerships that spur the realization of Kenya’s development agenda leveraging on technology.
This year, discussions will feature professionals and leading technology experts who have a role to play in shaping the digital economy, including governments, private sector, academia, civil society, industry bodies and individuals. They will deliberate on ways of ensuring equal access for women in technology, funding and other resources.

Other topics of discussions include improving access to digital skills especially among the women, digital entrepreneurship and leadership and how they can be harnessed diverse opportunities, higher financial returns, and access to new markets for women in the digital economy.
To register, click www.conected.go.ke

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