The Netherlands Trust Fund for Start-ups

The Netherlands Trust Fund for Start-ups is a project that supports increased export competitiveness of the Information Technology (IT) and Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) sector in Kenya.  It enhances the export competitiveness of micro, small and medium enterprises in the IT&ITES sector in Kenya and links them to foreign companies interested in off-shoring their services to Kenya. With the enhanced export competitiveness Kenyan enterprises register increased export revenues.

The project is funded by the Dutch government, through the Centre for the Promotion of Imports (CBI) affiliated to the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, under the Netherlands Trust Fund Phase III Programme (NTF III).

Commencement: 2014

Duration: 3 years

Status: Ongoing

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View list of NTF III beneficiaries

New Edge Technologies Ltd:
The Micropoint Systems Ltd:
Systech Ltd:
Netcom Information Systems Ltd:
Capture Solutions Ltd:
BookNow Ltd:
Synergy Informatics Ltd:
Lynxbits Global Ltd:
Bunifu Technologies:
ENI Systems Africa (K) Ltd:
Sycom Africa Ltd:
Techno Brain BPO ITES Ltd:
Digital Divide Data- Kenya:
Attain Enterprise Solutions Ltd: Ltd:
Pluspeople Kenya Ltd:
Adept Technologies Ltd:
Sunesis Consulting Ltd:
Sapama Technologies Co. Ltd:
Greenbell Communications Ltd:
Ramsa Ltd:
Wavuh Ltd:
DataScience Ltd:
Maramoja transport:
Digital Vision East Africa Ltd:
Shimba Technologies Ltd:
Insynque Solutions Ltd:
Beninda Dot Com:
Empire Microsystems Ltd:
Savvy Media Kenya Ltd:
Sabalink Technologies Co. Ltd:
Andest Bites Ltd:
Eighteen O Nine Ltd: