The ICT Authority implements the Presidential Directive on the Covid-19 Pandemic

The ICT Authority put in place the following measures in line with the Presidential Directive on the Covid-19 Pandemic issued by H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta on 15th March 2020:

1.The Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Katherine Getao, EBS has issued guidelines on social distancing and working from home for staff performing non essential duties. In addition, all the ICT Authority Offices have been fitted with sanitisers to ensure high levels of hygiene by all employees and clients. The CEO has directed all employees to comply with all Government of Kenya directives related to the Corona virus pandemic.

2.The CEO has also issued network and internet support procedures for use to ensure business continuity

3. The CEO has also issued the following guidelines to ensure maintenance of cyber hygiene:(a) Employees to use only secure Wi-Fi access points in connecting to government of Kenya systems(b) Ensuring that all machines are on the latest patch level of Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware (c) Report any unusual and strange activity on machines to supervisors (d)Being vigilant and detect social engineering schemes

4. The Authority has also activated a crisis communication plan. Through the Plan, the Authority is seeking to ensure the public safety of all employees and clients and the same time maintain business continuity through seamless internal and external communication.