The ICT Authority establishes a Network Operating Centre (NOC)

The ICT Authority establishes a Network Operating Centre (NOC)

The ICT Authority has installed a Network Operation Centre (NOC) that will be used to centrally used to monitor the government network across all 47 counties.

The facility has a help desk, that is being used for providing technical support to Ministries, Counties, Departments and Agencies.

The NOC was commissioned on 14th December 2020 and is now fully operational. The NOC will facilitate service delivery at the ICT Authority by:
1. Centrally managing incidents which result in communication failures
2.Enabling achievement of policies and service level agreements
3.Improving service by collecting feedback and recording user recommendation
4.Keeping track of incident reports

The overall objective of the solution is to ensure optimal performance and availability of connectivity that has been developed through projects such as the National Optic Fibre Backbone Infrastructure (NOFBI) and to maintain continuous access for government users.
The NOC will support the Authority’s drive to provide better services to the government and citizens of Kenya, achieve better value for government technology investments and assist ICTA staff to be more productive. This is in line with the Authority’s mandate to promote E-government services, develop and maintain secure ICT infrastructure and systems.

More Information to the Editor:

The other functions of the Authority include:
1.Setting and enforcing ICT standards and guidelines for the human resource, infrastructure, processes and system and technology for the public office and public service;
2. facilitating and regulating the design, implementation and use of ICTs in the public service;
3.promoting ICT literacy and capacity;
4. facilitating optimal electronic, electronic form, electronic record and equipment use in public service;
5. promoting ICT Innovation and enterprise;
6. establishing, developing and maintaining secure ICT infrastructure and systems and;
7.supervising the design, development and implementation of critical ICT projects across the public service.