Tandaa Grants

Tandaa grants are seed funds from the ICT Authority made available to entrepreneurs who want to provide digital content to relevant Kenyan consumers. The grants provide opportunities for local content developers including film, animation, advertising, publishing, gaming, and education professionals to produce local content.

For the ICT industry to evolve and grow there has been a need to create demand for the infrastructure in which the government has invested heavily on.  The local digital content initiative is addressing this through assembling locally produced content and promoting the electronic creation and distribution of relevant information.

Commencement: 2010

Status: Closed

Project Goals

The goals envisioned to be achieved from the project are:

  • capacity building within the ICT sector
  • creation of efficiencies
  • building social capital
  • increasing utilisation of ICTs by local communities
  • demonstration of Kenya’s talent for creation of digital content to the rest of the world.

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