ICT Networks Standard

Standard: ICT Networks Standard, ICTA-2.002:2019

Thematic Area: Infrastructure

Description: This Standard establishes guidelines for planning, design, implementation, utilisation and management of network infrastructure that interconnects and provides internal connectivity in Ministries, Counties and Agencies (MCAs) for both single-tenant and multi-tenant buildings.

Areas Covered: (each section to be linked to html document)

  • Telecommunication path ways and spaces
  • Structured cabling
  • Wireless network connectivity
  • Fixed telephony service
  • Routing and switching
  • Network monitoring and management
  • Network availability
  • Network maintainability
  • Network manageability
  • Network performance
  • Network security

Compliance checklists:

  • Telecommunication pathways and spaces, Structured cabling Wireless network connectivity, Routing and switching, Internet,
  • Network monitoring and management, Network availability, Network reliability,
  • Network maintainability, Network performance, Network security,
  • Fixed telephony, Network design, Configuration documentation and Commissioning
  • Template for network inspection in preparation for commissioning
  • Checklist for completed projects ready for final inspection
  • Progress checklist for ongoing project

Date of Operationalisation: 01 October 2016

ICT Network Standard