ICT Human Capital & Workforce Development Standard

Standard: ICT Human Capital and Workforce Development Standard, ICTA.6.002:2019
Thematic Area: ICT Human Capacity


This ICTA Standard seeks to enhance the opportunities for interoperability of public service ICT resources ensuring uniformity in skills and competencies, and guaranteeing uniform quality of government services everywhere and all the time. The Standard takes into account the needs and aims of all government’s e-service delivery competencies and thus provides standards on: ICT professional (technical) personnel in the public sector, ICT end users, and Kenyan citizens ICT training.

Areas Covered

  • ICT Professionals in the Public Sector Requirement and Compliance Checklist
  • Capacity Development for End User Requirement
  • Capacity Development for Citizen Competency Requirement
  • Accreditation of ICT Institutions/Training Providers
  • Accreditation of IT Professionals

Date of Operationalisation: 01 January 2017

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