GEA ICT Standards

Standard: GEA General Guiding Principles Standard, ICTA 1:001:2016

Description: This ICTA Guide defines the Government-wide Enterprise Architecture principles and provides guidelines on how to implement the Government Enterprise Architecture GEA) Framework in Ministries, Counties and Agencies. The GEA builds a blueprint for improving management of Government programmes by aligning Government’s business processes, information flows, and technology consistently across and throughout the Government.

Areas Covered: (each section to be linked to html document)

Compliance, review and exceptions: MCA enterprise architecture, and Key artifacts

GEA Principles: GEA foundation principles, Enterprise Architecture Principles (EAP), Information/data architecture principles, Application Architecture Principles (AAP), Technology Architecture Principles (TAP), Security Architecture Principles (SAP), Integration architect principles

Date of Operationalisation: 01 October 2016

GEA General Guiding Principles Standard