Electronic Records and Data Management Standard

Standard: Electronic Records and Data Management Standard, ICTA-4.002:2019

Thematic Area: Electronic Records Management

Description: This ICTA Standard sets out minimum requirements for the management of electronic records, created to conduct and document e-Government transactions by Ministries, Counties and Agencies (MCAs) are authentic, reliable, inviolable and, and usable.

Areas Covered:

  • General considerations
  • Capturing records
  • Identifying and classifying records
  • Security
  • Retention and disposal of records
  • Migration
  • Functional Requirements for electronic record management systems
  • Functional requirements for records in Business Systems

Compliance checklists:

General considerations, Capturing records, Identifying and classifying records, Security, Retention and disposal of records, Migration

Date of Operationalisation: 01 October 2016

Electronic Records & Data Mgt Std