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Supplier Accreditation Requirements

The following documents are required during Accreditation

Supplier Accreditation Documents

The following documents are required during accreditation

  • Duly Filled Form ICTA/STD/CTR/F001 Download Here
  • Company profile
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Companies act/ permit
  • KRA compliance certificate
  • CVs , IT related university certificate, project management certificate national id copies and KRA pin for all of all directors
  • CVs, IT related degree, professional certifications, certification in project management for all technical staff
  • Past LPOs and Recommendation Letters
  • Recent bank statement from the last financial year together with the audited accounts of the same
  • Partnership certificates if any
  • Binded document to be sent to Teleposta Towers, 23rd Floor, ICTA Standards Department
  • Accreditation Period is within one week of document receipt
  • Certificate Should Be Handpicked by a designated company contact person after a week grace period

For inquiries, feel free to email ICTA standards