Smart County

The Smart County Project is a component of the larger Kenya Transparency Communication & Infrastructure Programme (KTCIP) and is aimed at supporting ICT adoption within county governments in Kenya. The sub components of the programme under this include:

  1. Implementation of a Unified Communications System and an Integrated County Revenue Management System for Nairobi City County;
  2. For the other 46 Counties:
    • Assist counties to develop ICT roadmaps that are aligned with the National ICT Master plan and their local county development plans;
    • Assist counties to equip their county headquarters (and sub-counties) with basic equipment including office software applications, email and training;
    • Assist selected counties to implement certain aspects of their ICT Road Maps.

These components are intended to help counties to improve service delivery to their constituents in a faster and efficient way, while being transparent and accountable.

County ICT Roadmaps

All the 47 counties now have ICT Roadmaps. These roadmaps are aligned with the National ICT Master plan and the local county development plans. Through the roadmaps, counties are able to provide the best, most cost-effective ICT-enabled services and resources to its citizens. They have also helped county governments to make ICT investments that are consistent with global best practice and with the idea of shared ICT services with the central government and neighbouring county ICT infrastructure.

The abridged version of the county roadmaps presents an overview of the gaps identified for intervention in four thematic areas namely, Connected County Government, Citizen Satisfaction, Connected Citizen, and Connected Legislator. The key strategies identified in the implementation of the roadmaps are: Infrastructure, Connectivity and Inter-operability; Human Capital and Workforce Development; Public Service Delivery; and Policy Environment and Legal Framework.

View County ICT Road Maps Abridged VersionView County ICT Road Maps