Our Successes

The ICT Authority implements several programmes and has achieved various milestones as described by multiple stakeholders:

“Through the digitisation project we have managed to digitise over 60 million birth and death records, making search and retrieval easier and quicker.”
Joyce Mugo, Director, Civil Registry Department (CRD)

“The digitisation of the Kenya News Agency library of photos and images makes the treasure of Kenya’s national history easily accessible to all its citizens.”
Gwaro Ogwaro, Director, Kenya News Agency (KNA)

“The centralisation of road transport data through the Transport Integrated Management System (TIMS) allows for accountability in all functions of registration, licensing, inspection and enforcement of all motor vehicles and trailers for improved management of the transport sector.”
Fernando Wangila, Senior Deputy Director (Head ICT), National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA)

“In developing our ICT Roadmap, we expect our citizens, right in the rural areas, to be able to get services nearer their homes.”
Stephen Maritim, County Executive Member, Nakuru County

“I view the ICT Roadmap as a strategic plan for ICT development in our County and it is providing a framework for our ICT initiatives, such as setting up community information centres right at the ward level to give ICT training to our people.”
Ruth Kyatha, County Executive Member, Makueni County

“The DigiSchool devices have not only made the pupils more alert and experience learning in a practical and fun way in class, but it has also reduced absenteeism and increased admissions in the school as children are very attracted to this form of learning.”
Beth Agogo, Teacher, Homa Bay Primary School, Pilot Phase School in the Digital Learning Programme/DigiSchool

“The Presidential Digital Talent Programme (PDTP) is a lifetime opportunity to any technology enthusiast with talent, passion and a fresh graduate from the university who studied in any technology and electrical engineering field. Through PDTP I have met and interacted with the movers and shakers in the ICT sector both locally and internationally, as well my counterparts who are talented in diverse skills and from different cultural backgrounds. If you are there after graduation wondering: ‘What Next?’ My answer is: the Presidential Digital Talent Programme!”
Trevor Kaon, Beneficiary of the Presidential Digital Talent Programme (PDTP)

“Through a rigorous and competitive process, I was selected to join the Huawei-ICTA Telecom Seeds Internship Program, as part of the February-March 2015 cohort. While at Huawei, I interned as a wireless Engineer. I participated in the deployment and implementation of the first LTE Network in Kenya and The Lamp Site in Building Solution. It was a great privilege to work with the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer in the world; to learn about their work ethic, culture and what drives them to be the best in what they do Some of my key lessons from the experience are the continuous innovation in the solutions offered to the customer, dedication towards team work, integrity and focusing on the customers’ needs.”
Wendy Ombima, Beneficiary of the Huawei Telecom Seeds for the Future Internship Programme