Nailab Business Incubation Project

The Nailab is an incubator and accelerator for ICT start-ups.  The Government of Kenya is in a contract with the business incubator to help in lowering entry barriers for ICT entrepreneurs to implement and scale their business in the country and beyond.

Nailab offers a 6 month entrepreneurship programme. The first 3 months focus on product development, while the next 3 months focus on market acquisition for the start-ups.  The programme also provides mentorship and adequate internet access to the businesses to ensure their growth and success.

The incubation project is in line with one of the goals of Vision 2030 of developing ICT businesses to create jobs and wealth.

Commencement: 2013
3 years

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Gigwapi ( is an online social guide to Fun – Events, Tickets and other fun stuff happening around.

Usomi ( is an e-Learning & e-Training platform. Usomi is an online e-learning system for university courses & professional training. It can be set-up quickly by any teacher or trainer and used to teach anything.

DUMA Works ( is Africa’s first social job network. Duma represents a community for people to find jobs, hire employees, refer friends, and grow professionally – online, or through their mobile phones.

Cladlight ( is wearable technology initiative producing smart motorcycle riding vests. Thousands of motorcycle taxi riders are killed or maimed every year in Africa and Cladlight hopes to reduce this tragic statistics by saving lives.

SokoText ( uses the power of mobile phones to aggregate demand in the slums and unlock wholesale prices for micro-entrepreneurs. SokoText has been running a successful pilot in Mathare Valley, Nairobi since the summer 2013.

KejaHunt ( is an online property-listing platform using geo-location technology that focuses on helping home seekers to get a house to settle in and get the landlords a tenant to fill their vacant houses.

SwapKitabu ( is a web and mobile-based service that is aimed at helping ease the acquisition of reading material to the lower income earner. It’s also a solution that is connecting those who want to sell their books with those that are looking for the books.

GoKibali ( is an online application for licenses and permits for government services.

Taskwetu ( is an online errand running and tracking platform targeted at Kenyans living in the Diaspora. The platform does this by allowing users to order their tasks, for which they pay a service charge and they are then able to follow its progress to completion. Some of the tasks include Project management, document procurement and running of petty errands.

Young Freddie ( is a fashion design company incubated to develop an e-commerce platform for its already existing physical store. Young Freddie Clothing designs and makes custom items using African based fabric prints such as Ankara, Kitenge, Maasai prints and Kente. Products range from shoes, handbags, coats and shorts.

Mode Mara ( is an online fashion hub for designers created to provide a platform for them to meet, discuss and interact through sharing of ideas relevant to their field. The platform also offers a market place for them to showcase and sell their creations to fashion lovers locally and across the continent.

Hisaplay ( is a 24/7 entertaining and captivating mobile stock simulation game that mirrors NSE real time stock trading while helping to equip and familiarise players with practical financial literacy skills required to trade on the Securities Exchange using system generated currency, making it risk free.

NinjaPrep is a fun and engaging mobile quiz game that gives kids access to hundreds of revision questions. The game helps to put to test their knowledge and understanding in different subject matters while keeping them entertained for hours. With the value of earning coins for correctly answered questions, players also get to compete in different levels and grade themselves against other players on the leader board thus unlocking their drive for performance excellence.

The ServiceLine ( is creating a system that generates one toll free service line that helps consumers to access emergency services and different businesses hotline services therefore eradicating the need for one to absorb a million numbers. In partnership with Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and Small and Home Office businesses (SOHO’s) the system will offer more than just customer relations, it will help build customer experiences.

RabbitIQ ( is a mobile and web based rabbit herd management system. The system helps farmers track, monitor and ensure maximum rabbit yields from stored information that is gathered using an auto generated QR Code as the unique identification mode for each rabbit within the herd. The system auto alerts the farmer on the breeding stage for each rabbit in preparation for harvest.

Lipaplus ( is a peer to peer mobile based betting platform that allows people to increase their odds in winning a bet as well as allowing betting of current affairs. They seek to make each interaction a bet-able moment.

Ujirani ( is a mobile application that helps strengthen neighbourhood initiatives through crowd sourced contribution and engagement. The solution helps to intensify on neighbourhood security by encouraging users to engage with their neighbours and enhance the quality of health and social utilities within neighbourhoods.

Byt ( is a start-up looking to facilitate purchase of bit coins by offering a purchase option using local mobile money platforms. Users also get a guide on where to use the bit coins purchased.

Utafiti ( is a web based research aggregator that seeks to ease access and availability of research content in different fields.

Cipher is a plug and play home security kit that has been assembled to help with monitoring and securing homes based on motion capture and thermostat surveillance.

MobuDesk ( is a digital magazine curator that assembles various merchants’ discounts to help influence consumer buying patterns.

YayaHub ( is a platform that lists and matches nannies and house helps to potential employers.

Betsafi ( is a peer to peer mobile based betting platform that allows people to increase their odds in winning a bet as well as allowing betting of current affairs. They seek to make each interaction a bet-able moment.

JIRU ( is a luxury fashion house creating statement shoes for the woman who understands quality.

Autobay ( is a fast and safe way of hiring a car through your mobile phone.

Midnight Sun is a company that manufactures solar cell lampshades for homes and offices that solves the problem of power black outs n the high cost of power.

UBI ( is a simple SMS ticketing solution that works with all phones. We turn a regular SMS into a secure barcode that is verified by scanning with our proprietary technology.

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