ICT Funding

Under ICT Authority broad mandates we offer funding to businesses aimed at driving the uptake of ICT services. This is in our bid to promote ICT literacy, capacity, innovation and enterprise in line with Vision 2030. Funding can either be in terms of grants, loans or capacity support.

Over the years we have supported ICT businesses using the below initiatives.
Pasha Centres LoansTandaa Grants Netherlands Trust Fund IIINailab Incubation

Pasha Centres

Pasha Centres are ICT hubs, established to address the ICT disparities between urban and rural populations. These digital villages are government’s effort to ensure digital inclusion to all citizens, especially those from marginalised communities and the university fraternity. The government does this by taking online services to those living in marginalised areas in order to improve their quality of life. The centres get the online services using internet connected computers and other ICT enabled applications.

Commencement: 2011

Implementation: Digital Villages Revolving Fund (funding), The ICT Authority (implementing agency), Youth Banner and entrepreneurs (execution)

Status: Closed

Project Benefits

  • Provides employment to tech-savvy youngsters in the rural areas
  • Helps improve business skills and knowledge, enabling local entrepreneurs to respond more rapidly to changing market demands.
  • Local clients can easily access the internet to get information on certain issues such as how to start a business, how to access government services without coming all the way to head offices

View list of first call for Pasha Centres’ applications- 2011View list of second call for Pasha Centres’ applications- 2012




Pasha Project Handbook

To fully appreciate the impact of the project, the ICT Authority documented the Pasha Centre experience in the Pasha Project Handbook.  The Handbook provides insights on the successes and challenges of the project, especially through accounts and case studies of managers running Pasha Centres throughout the country, and the impact of the Centres on the larger community.

Read the Pasha Project Handbook