Through the e-Citizen web portal the public has online access to a number of public services offered by various Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies, within one channel. Over time the Government has increased the number of services that are available online to the public. Some of these include payment of taxes through iTax, renewal of drivers’ licences, business registration, passport application, and application of death and birth certificates among many more. This not only makes it easier for the citizen to access the various public services and information, but also makes delivery of service more efficient, convenient and timely.

The portal is supplemented by Huduma Centres, which are one-stop-shop citizen service centres that provide efficient Government Services at the convenience of the citizen, from a single location.

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Transport Integrated Management System (TIMS)

Access to the road transport functions for easy use by the public has been made possible through the Transport Integrated Management System (TIMS). TIMS is a web portal that incorporates all functions of registration, licensing, inspection and enforcement of all motor vehicles and trailers online. TIMS will be accessed through the e-Citizen portal making it accessible to all citizens who would like to perform a road transport function as easily as through SMS.
Motor vehicle owners will be able to enjoy these online services:

  • Renewal of driver’s licence
  • Registration of new and second hand motor vehicles
  • Transfer of ownership of motor vehicles
  • Issuing of duplicate logbook
  • Registration of motor vehicle number plates
  • Issuing of reflective plates
  • Registration of matatus and route planning for a more comfortable commute for users
  • Booking of inspections including: change of particulars inspection, new car inspection (for pre-registered vehicles), road worthiness inspection, accident inspection, and compliance/road side inspection

In addition, the portal will have an Intelligent Traffic Management system which will help law enforcement agencies to monitor the roads and enforce traffic rules to make roads safer for all users.
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Urithi contains Kenya’s historical images from the Kenya News Agency (KNA) Library. The library was established in the early 1940s and is a resource in the documented history of Kenya with photos dating back to 1939. Digitisation of the photos depicting people, events, structures and landscapes of Kenya’s history allows for easy access and retrieval of this information by the public.

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iTax is a web-enabled tax collection system by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). The system allows one to update their tax registration details, file tax returns using Microsoft Excel or Open Office, register all tax payments and make status enquiries with real-time monitoring of their ledger/account.

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