Digital Literacy Programmes Documents

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Draft Infrastructure Masterplan for ICT Authority

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Access to Information Act

The purpose of this Act is to give effect to the right of access to information by Kenyan citizens.
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Data Protection Bill 2012

This is expected to become an Act to give effect to the right of privacy of personal data from use of disclosure for Kenyan citizens.
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National Broadband Strategy

The Kenya National Broadband Strategy (NBS) is critical to the achievement of Vision 2030 that seeks to transform Kenya to a knowledge-based society driven by providing a high capacity nationwide broadband network.

The National Broadband Strategy covers: Introduction to the NBS, Benefits of the NBS, Specific strategy, and Implementation of the NBS
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National Cyber security Strategy

The National Cyber security Strategy defines Kenya’s cyber security commitment to support national priorities by encouraging ICT growth and protecting critical information infrastructure.

The National Cybersecurity Strategy covers:  Government of Kenya regulatory, policy and legal framework; Government of Kenya cybersecurity governance maturity analysis, Specific strategy, Development impact of the strategy, and Key benefits of the strategy
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National ICT Masterplan

The National ICT Masterplan lays out the guideline for the ICT sector to make a contribution to the nation’s growth through a systematic approach to harnessing the power of ICTs.

The National ICT Masterplan covers: Introduction; Kenya’s Vision 2030; Vision, theme and guiding principles of the plan; ICT Foundations; ICT Pillars; Financing of the plan; and Flagship projects.
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National ICT Policy

This policy aligns with the new Constitution of Kenya and Vision 2030 Medium Term Frameworks in providing a proactive regulatory framework to guide the development of Kenya’s ICT sector.

The policy covers: Introduction, ICT infrastructure and access, Science technology and innovation, Content and applications development, Devices, Postal and courier services, Competition, Radio frequency spectrum, Universal access, Accessibility, Consumer protection, Security, Human resource development and training, Knowledge economy, New innovations and services in ICT, E-government, E-environment, Equity participation, Regional integration, Policy/legal and regulatory framework, and Monitoring and evaluation.
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ICT Authority Strategic Plan

The ICT Authority Strategic Plan provides a blueprint on how to transform Kenya into a regional ICT hub and a globally competitive digital economy.

The Strategic Plan covers: Introduction to ICTA; ICTA’s vision, mission and core values; Situational analysis; Specific strategy based on strategic themes, Strategic initiatives; and Strategy implementation.
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NTF 3 Trust Fund in Kenya

The NTF III project aims to enhance the export competitiveness of the Kenya Information Technology (IT) and Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) sector, to increase revenues for Kenyan enterprises.
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Connected Summit 2016 Report

This is a report of the Connected Summit 2016, held in March 2016 on the theme ‘Bridging the service gap.’
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Research and Statistics

Communication Authority of Kenya ICT Reports

Quarterly ICT sector statistics reports that provides analysis of the sector performance and trend developments on the following service categories: Mobile telephony, Fixed telephony, Internet/Data, Electronic transactions, and Postal and courier.
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Digitizing Government Payments Kenya Study

This study maps the payment ecosystem in Kenya and examines the potential benefits of digital payments for the Government of Kenya.

The areas covered are: Payment ecosystem, Effective digital payments, and Driving change through digitisation
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Huduma Centres Research Report- 2013

This report contributes to the understanding of the effectiveness and efficiency of public service delivery through Huduma Centres
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Julisha National ICT Survey 1

This is a national ICT Market study conducted by the Kenya ICT Board to offer insights into the state of the ICT market in Kenya, in order to understand the gaps in the ICT sector, and to provide a way forward for Kenya to become an ICT hub in Africa and for the rest of the world.

The study covers: Situation overview, ICT ecosystem, Regional and international benchmarking, ICT skills analysis, Usage and penetration analysis, Future outlook, and Essential guidance.
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Julisha National ICT Survey 2

This survey assesses the role that local ICT companies play in the country, and the key challenges toward their development.
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Kenya National Bureau of Statistics Rebasing Report

In 2014, Kenya National Bureau of Statistics rebased the national accounts and development of consumption and supply tables to improve accuracy and consistency in economic data.
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Silicon Kenya- Harnessing ICT Innovations for Economic Development 2013

This study presents the role of ICT in contributing to Kenya’s economic growth and positioning the country as one of Africa’s top ICT hubs.

The study covers: Kenya’s ICT infrastructure, PPP ICT projects, ICT incubations, ICT innovations developed in Kenya, ICT applied to social sector, Mobile money transfer financial services, ICT innovation awards and funding ICT start-ups, and Challenges and opportunities to ICT innovations in Kenya.
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ICT Work Permits Clearance Letter Application Form

This form is a formal request from the ICT Authority for a No Objection Letter to the Department of Immigration when applying for a work permit.
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GUMS Request Form

This form should be used by central government offices to make an application for the Government Unified Messaging System.
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ICT Automation Quarterly Performance Review

This automation review form is to assess a government institution’s status in keeping pace with developments in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to achieve its goals and obligations.
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Domain/Sub-domain Names Request Form

This form should be the used by all government organisations to make an application for a domain/sub-domain registration or renewal.
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