Domain Naming

The Government of Kenya is providing its Ministries/Departments/Agencies (MDAs) with common standards and naming conventions to be adopted for their internet domain names. This will provide uniformity in government websites and make it easier for the public to search and recognise Government offices through common keywords and minimum effort.

These common standards and naming conventions apply to all government bodies including Ministries, County Governments, Constituencies, Autonomous Government Departments and Authorities, County Assemblies, Parastatals and State Corporations, Embassies and High Commissions, and Government programmes.

In this structure government bodies are expected to make an application for a domain/sub-domain registration or renewal. A Domain Name Committee is tasked with assigning domain names and enforcing the domain naming policy.

Over 250 government bodies are compliant with the new domain naming policy.

Application Process by MDAs for a Domain/Sub-Domain Registration or Renewal

To make an application to the Domain Name Committee for a domain a domain/sub-domain registration or renewal, Government bodies should fill and submit the online request form.