Technology and Infrastructure

Technology facilitates how students receive content.  It looks at all the equipment necessary to deliver the digital content including devices, internet connectivity, storage and servers, and power connection

Led by the ICT Authority, technology and infrastructure development includes identifying, acquiring, and set up of reliable and robust devices and infrastructure to support the DLP.

The technology and infrastructure considerations necessary in the DLP are: teacher digital device, learners digital device, projector, DLP content servers (DCS), digital wireless router, power supply for grid or solar power, device storage and charging and special needs specific devices.

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Other considerations are desks and classrooms that learners will use during learning.

Essentially, the technology in use is set up on the basis of common standards throughout the schools, with emphasis laid on content requirements, health and safety measures and environmental friendly equipment.

Overtime, it is expected that local innovators and industries will be used in the assembly of the devices and accessories. To this end the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) in collaboration with the Ministry of Industrialization and Enterprise Development (MoI&ED)have established the Nairobi Industrial and Technology Park Project.