The programme had a pilot phase to prove the viability of digital learning. The full roll out is ongoing.

Pilot/Proof of Concept

The DLP pilot was successfully carried out in 150 schools in Kenya; 3 schools from each of the 47 counties and 9 special needs schools. More than 12,000 digital devices for the programme were distributed during the pilot/proof of concept by May 2016.

Digital Literacy Programme Updates as at March 2019

The Digital Literacy Programme (DLP) that was initiated by the government of Kenya in 2016 is at the tail end of its first phase and the second phase to start in July 2019.

In Phase one the Programme themed “Learning to Use” sought to expose learners to friendly technology and encourage its early adoption. The public primary schools received various types of devices. The learner digital devices have pre-installed content for lower grade learners.

During Phase I of the Programme, over one million devices were installed in public primary schools. Over 100,000 devices were locally assembled at the Moi University and JKUAT assembly plants. The achievement in setting up device assembly plants to supply the Programme devices has immensely contributed to Kenya’s manufacturing priorities as stipulated in the Big Four Agenda.

Phase II is themed “Using to Learn” the technology and will be rolled out from July 2019.The objective that the government wants realized in this phase is to expose learners to technology’s ideas concept for learning, to enhance creativity and innovation. In this Phase a ‘Shared Digital Learning Resource Centre” will be set in schools with appropriate infrastructure and tools.

In Phase III themed “ using to produce’’ the technology, the objective is to start making use of technology for employment creation, mentor learners for development tertiary and universities. During this phase, advanced labs with tools to enable designing and prototyping of products will be set up.

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