E-Readiness Assessment

Before implementation, the programme assesses the readiness of each public primary school for use of ICT. The e-readiness assessment checks on specific components that inform the standard design of a model DigiSchool classroom.

Design of a Model DigiSchool Classroom

An e-ready school has:

  • A metered connection to either the national grid or solar power
  • Secure and well ventilated storage cabinets with adequate charging ports
  • Flat and wide desks, enough for all the students
  • A dust proof classroom
  • Ample security for the devices, with grilled doors and windows where they are stored
  • At least 2 teachers trained per school

A full set of devices for a school includes: luminous green tablets for the pupils, sky blue laptops for the teachers, projectors, and digital content server and wireless router.  Special needs schools also have luminous green laptops and Braille embossers for special learners.

See model classroomSee model special needs classroom