Observed Benefits of the Programme

In class: teachers from the proof of concept can already see a change in learning in their students.  Most remark that the devices have not only increased student alertness and helped them to experience learning in a practical and fun way in class, but it has also reduced absenteeism and increased admissions in the schools.

ICT capacity in communities: DLP has enhanced the ICT skills among teachers and communities through the teacher capacity element of the programme.

Connection to power: communities around the country have connected to electricity as more schools are connected to the power grid.

Business and employment opportunities: DLP provides a range of jobs including ICT support centres in the counties and sub-counties, and business opportunities in digital education content development and e-waste management and disposal.

Local assembly: there are efforts through local collaborations and consortia to build the capacity to assemble the DLP devices and accessories, which builds local industry and creates jobs.

Global pacesetter: DLP has grown Kenya’s global profile as a leader and hub in ICT