County Connectivity Project (CCP)

The County Connectivity Project aims at ensuring that county Government offices are connected to the internet as well as promoting online services using telephones, emails and teleconferencing.

With increased connectivity in the counties, there is faster delivery of services and documents such as birth certificates and National Identification Cards.  In addition, the public has equal access to high quality public services both from the central and county offices.

The project specifically aims to connect County Commissioners Offices, Treasury Departments, Civil Registration Departments, National Registry Bureau, Education Department Offices, and Governors Offices.

Project Update

In Phase I of the project, 28 counties were fully connected to the Government Common Core Network (GCCN) and the sites are monitored and supported at the Network Operating Centre (NOC) at the National Treasury.

In Phase II, the remaining 19 remaining counties and two sites in (Kilifi and Laikipia) are in the process of being connected to the National Fibre Optic Backbone (NOFBI). Training of the staff and commissioning of the site is expected by December 2016.

In Phase III, connectivity will be expanded to other departments in the counties as well as secure the CCP infrastructure.

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