Frequently Asked Questions

What is GEA?

The Government Enterprise Architecture (GEA) is a blueprint for aligning the business processes, information flows, and technology consistently across and throughout the Government in order to improve Government programmes and plans.  This will help in providing effective and efficient service delivery to the citizen.

Who is the GEA meant for?

All Government agencies, including Ministries, County Governments, and State Corporations are required to ensure full compliance to the GEA Framework.

How many GEA Standards are there?

A total of nine Standards falling under six different domain areas have been identified as relevant for Government ICT Standards. You can view them here (link).

How were the GEA Standards developed?

The Standards Committee at the ICT Authority took into consideration international requirements, Government requirements, stakeholder participation as well as industry/sector best practices. The GEA Standards have also been prepared in accordance with the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) standards development guidelines, in order to conform to the format of other existing national standards.

We already have Enterprise Architecture in place.  Do we need to make any changes?

Yes.  The GEA Framework supersedes any prevailing Enterprise Architecture and ICT planning frameworks and methods in use in Government bodies.

How do we begin to apply the GEA Framework?

Government Ministries, Counties and Agencies (MCAs) are invited to use the GEA e-Readiness Assessment Tool, to assess their Enterprise Architecture capability to meet the minimum requirements as contemplated in the GEA Framework.

Will there be reviews on the application of the GEA Standards?

Yes. The ICT Authority will carry out quarterly audits in all Government bodies to determine their compliance to the GEA Standards.  The Authority will issue a certificate of compliance to agency upon completion of the audit assessment.

What happens to those Government agencies that have not complied?

For non-compliant agencies, a report detailing the extent of the deviation and the prevailing circumstances shall be tabled before the Standards Review Board who will advise on the action to be taken.

Where can I find more information on the GEA Standards?

You can visit, or contact us at