Digital Content Is Core to DigiSchool

Although devices may appear central to DigiSchool/Digital Learning Programme (DLP), the primary focus of the programme is really the digital content. Digital content is the academic material used in learning and can be in the form of text, audio and videos files, graphics, animations, and images. In fact, the future of DLP comprises of access of the digital content that will be device-neutral, enabling learners and teachers to access the content using any enabled device.

Who creates the digital content?

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST), through the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD), is in charge of the development digital content. This includes collaborating with education digital content providers and publishers to develop a curriculum that is digitally responsive and inspires our children to invent and innovate.

Teachers are also allowed to create their own content and use other supplementary materials to enhance learning, and upload the content on the devices with approval from KICD.

Content updates, how is it done?

The DLP content will continue to be updated as more classes are included in the programme and as modifications are made to existing content to consistently enhance the learning experience of the students. The deployed devices have instructions on how content updates are to be carried out. However in the long term there will be a Cloud Strategy that will allow for a universal platform from which content in multiple platforms can be updated. This way, any enabled device can easily and conveniently have the most updated content at all times.