DigiSchool Is Impacting the Whole Community

The primary beneficiaries of the Digital Learning Programme (DLP) are the learners and the teachers. However, the programme is proving to be beneficial to the larger community too through:

Business and employment opportunities

Different players are working to meet the needs requirements of DLP which has provided a range of jobs including ICT support centres in the counties and sub-counties. It has also provided business opportunities in digital education content development and e-waste management and disposal. In addition the efforts to build the capacity of device and accessory assembly are expected to build local industry and create jobs.

Connection to power

As schools are located within neighbourhoods and villages, the communities around them have also benefited by being connected to electricity as more schools are connected to the power grid. Access to this source of energy is changing the way homes and villages operate all over the country.

Increased ICT capacity

DLP has enhanced the ICT skills among teachers and communities through the teacher capacity programme.